What’s That Cheese That Makes You Have Vivid Dreams?

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Stilton. The answer is Stilton cheese, the magical dairy product that turns your nightly slumbers into a carnival of vivid dreams. But why? Why does this cheese have the power to turn your dream world into a psychedelic wonderland?

Why Does Stilton Give People Weird Dreams?

Ah, the science of dreamy cheese. Stilton is like the Willy Wonka of the dairy world, and here’s why:


This isn’t just any amino acid; it’s the amino acid that moonlights as a serotonin producer. And serotonin, you might’ve heard of it, is the neurotransmitter that’s basically the party planner for your mood and sleep. It sets the stage for some truly epic dream adventures.


Hold onto your hats because tyramine is the roller coaster operator of your dreams. It releases norepinephrine, which is like the hype man for your “fight-or-flight” response. Imagine your dreams turning into a screening of Last Action Hero vs Robocop. That’s tyramine for you.

Stilton Cheese Crazy Dreams Recipe


One night of weird dreams so vivid, you’ll question reality itself.


  • Stilton cheese – 20 grams (0.70 ounces)
  • A dash of mischief
  • A relatively empty stomach, e.g. stop eating at least 3-4 hours before going to bed


  1. Preparation: Take out your finest cheese knife and plate. This is a sacred ritual, after all
  2. The Feast: Eat the cheese in your preferred manner. Do this precisely 30 minutes before you plan to fall asleep. Don’t mix the cheese with anything else! No crackers, no wine, no nothing. Water is fine though I guess. Yeah, you can drink water
  3. Dream Journal: Optional but highly recommended. Keep a journal next to your bed to jot down your wild escapades in Dreamland so you can send us all the juicy details!


If you’re a tiny person or easily affected we’d recommend halving the dosage. 

If it’s not working, increase the dosage, but don’t go over 30 grams (about an ounce) because the fat content could keep you from falling asleep quick enough due to your body desperately trying to digest it.

If you’re taking any medications like MAOIs or have a history of migraines, consult your healthcare provider. We want you to have weird dreams, not weird health issues.