The Hammerhead of Pillows

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Let me start by saying I’ve been on a quest for the perfect pillow for over two decades. It all began after my teenage growth spurts when I was blessed with a rather large melon and long, slender neck. This blessing, however, came with a curse. The curse manifested itself when I chose a career that required me to hold up that oversized head all day, staring at screens. Then came mobile phones, forcing me to look down while still supporting my giant head’s weight.

After enduring 16 hours of holding up this massive head, I’d go to bed and lay it down on a pillow. Over the years, I tried flat pillows to keep my spine aligned, fluffy ones to cradle my head, and curved options to support my neck. Nothing seemed to provide the proper support, cradling, and height that my shoulders, neck, and head needed. I even resorted to installing zippers in pillows so I could remove or add stuffing until achieving the right configuration. I experimented with various fillings – loose poly, foam, buckwheat husks, down feathers, and even poor noodles!

Unfortunately, nothing seemed quite right. Multiple times each night, I’d need to adjust by fluffing, flattening, or flipping my pillow. So the quest for pillow perfection continued.


While browsing highly-rated pillows on Amazon, one caught my eye due to its odd, almost alien shape. It looks like Macus of Pirates of the Caribbean. you know the hammer head shark guy! It’s officially called a “butterfly button pillow,” it drew mockery from my wife and skepticism from my kids, who viewed it as just another crazy pillow endeavor. But I saw hope for 8 hours of uninterrupted slumber.

The first night felt strange since you can’t fluff or flip this pillow. You simply lay your head down and… sleep! I woke up feeling fantastic, not even remembering having to readjust once. Over the ensuing weeks, I continued sleeping great with no more neck cricks or wake-ups to adjust the pillow. In fact, over the past 9 months, I haven’t given my pillow a second thought, which has been wonderful.

I can officially declare that my long search for the perfect pillow has finally ended.

Without further adieu HERE IT IS