The Pillow for the Optimal Sleep Position (On Your Back!)

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As a lifelong stomach sleeper, I started experiencing shoulder and neck pain. This pain started to affect my sleep negatively and I needed to make a change. In my research, it became apparent that stomach sleeping is not optimal. In fact, I was a full 180 degrees off course. Sleeping on your back is where it’s at. But how?

Why Switch to Back Sleeping? 

On the quest to have the best quality sleep, I looked into the way I should be sleeping. I discovered that sleeping on your back is best for several reasons.

  • Neutral Spine: A neutral spine is good for spinal alignment which can minimize back and neck pain over time. 
  • Less face wrinkles and acne: Sleeping with your face on a pillow can create friction and pressure that causes wrinkles and acne to develop!
  • Digestion: Gravity helps keep food moving the right way through your digestive system when lying on your back. This is especially helpful if you suffer from acid reflux. 

The Transition

When I made the decision to start sleeping on my back, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the switch overnight. I started looking for products that might aid in this transition, and that is when I found the pillow I’ve been using for the past 4 months. It is the Ergonomic Orthopedic Contour Fiber Bed Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers. This pillow was the perfect introduction to a firm, ergonomic pillow for me since I had slept on a soft, barely-there pillow on my stomach.

The Details

The pillow has a roll around the edge that supports the neck when sleeping. There are two sides to accommodate the variety of neck sizes people may have. The hollow space in the center allows my head to rest perfectly. I feel relaxed and supported when sleeping on my back using this pillow.

The pillow also has supported me when I can’t quite fall asleep on my back and need to sleep on my side. The raised side area lifts my head enough to give my shoulder shape and space instead of being crunched up on the side. 

The Results

Since sleeping with this pillow, my neck pain has minimized significantly. Previously I was experiencing an ache in the left side of my neck down my shoulder blade and couldn’t seem to stretch enough to make it go away. I have barely noticed the ache in the last few months and I’m confident it has been the way I sleep. 

Another huge bonus for me with this pillow is the inability to sleep on my stomach with it. The shape makes it too uncomfortable to lay your head on, so I have successfully transitioned myself to a mostly back sleeper. I am so thankful for this addition to my sleep routine!