Scandalous Scandinavian Sleep Hack

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Okay, the only thing scandalous about this sleep hack is how few people seem to know about it. 

Years ago, in a now defunct magazine, I learned that some Scandinavian couples use two separate comforters on their beds. Who needs a sleep divorce when you can have your own private comforter? 

Given that everyone knows not to waste time with a top sheet, this is the simplest solution to your side by side sleeping woes. Here’s how to do it right. 

  • Shared fitted sheet
  • Two separate twin or full (or heck, even queen or king) size comforters 
  • Two separate duvet covers

My husband and I use one comforter at home, but on the road in our RV, we have two comforters, one on each “twin” bed during the day. When we set up our king every night, the comforters stay on either side. And it’s wonderful. 

We use Buffy duvets at home and in the RV. They’re made in China and they don’t really wear that well, so I’m not sure I’d recommend them. For our drivable duo, we use twin cloud comforters. The cloud comforter is so puffy and great when you first get it.

What are the benefits of using two comforters? 

Use your imagination, you’ll be able to come up with some benefits. If you really can’t, here are a few starters: 

  • No one will grab your blanket away from you in the night
  • You can use whatever weight blanket makes you personally happy
  • You will not be disturbed by someone letting a bunch of cold air in on you when they come to bed after you’ve already fallen asleep
  • It’s “European” so you can imagine that it has somehow made you better than the plebeians who aren’t doing it

In my experience, all of the above benefits are true. And then some. There are whole reddit threads dedicated to the pro’s of this procedure.

But what if it looks stupid? 

This is the dumbest question, but people on the internet are actually asking it. I feel like I must be missing something – how is it possible to be so visionless? If you Google a little bit, you’ll see some of the ugliest, weirdest ideas of all time. 

Here’s how to prevent this delightful methodology from becoming an eyesore. 

  • Use linen duvet covers and leave everything messy and rumpled (my personal favorite)
  • Use full or queen size comforters and just layer them on top of each other when you make the bed
  • Fold the comforters in half lengthwise, one on each side of the bed, and throw a quilt or coverlet over the thing

There – was that so hard?