Linen Sheets, the Best Bad Investment for Your Bed

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I love linen sheets (and duvet covers, pillow cases, etc.). Years ago, after much research, I made the jump and have exclusively used linen sheets since. They’re absolutely unbeatable for comfort and temperature regulation. That said, they’re pricey and they wear out way too fast. And I’ll never buy anything else.

Here’s what I’ve learned after 5+ years of exclusive linen use. 

Top Sheets are for Losers

You totally don’t need a top sheet and a duvet cover unless you’re doing something weird. Just make that duvet cover act as a top sheet and leave weird, hot, tangled nights behind you.

Linen Sheets I’ve Tried

When I go for something, I go for it. I’m hardwired for experimentation and optimization from my day job straight through to my sleep.


H&M peddles linen gateways drugs. Not amazing, frequently blended, inexpensive, but good enough to get you hooked. This was how I dipped my toe in linen. I would still buy H&M today if they truly sold king, but their Q/K sizing just straight up doesn’t fit a king size bed. 

The closures on my H&M linen duvet cover are snaps. By far the best closure method of all the other linen I’ve purchased. No ties, no buttons, no extra flaps that get all weird in the dryer, just simple, clean, easy to open and close snaps. 

Land’s End

These are the only linen sheets I’ve had for a long time that haven’t actually fallen apart. They’re super thin though and almost don’t seem like linen. I have them in a neutral color and keep them on rotation with higher quality linen. Price was slightly better than going for Parachute or Brooklinen, but not significantly so. That said, easier to find deep discounts and coupons on this brand. 


I have bought 4 sets of Parachute sheets over the years. Partly because they’ve worn out, partly because I was trying to keep them from wearing out by having more to rotate in (didn’t work). 

These are my favorite even though I have a suspicion that Brooklinen is better, Brooklinen weighs more and has a more luxurious feel. For me though, I like the natural vibe of Parachute sheets.

After the most recent set shredded for no reason (they’re less than a year old and on rotation with 3 other sets), I think I’ve finally bought my last set. 


Brooklinen may be the best option. Great colors, soft and luxurious feel, sturdy. Closures are weird, because the opening is not all the way to the bottom of the duvet cover. Apart from getting my foot stuck in the gap now and then, great product. We use Brooklinen in our vacation home exclusively – primarily because of the color options. Sunny yellow just screams holiday to me.

Company Store

Honestly, these are awful. I bought them for our RV because I can’t bear sleeping without linen anymore. They feel cheap and they’re made in China. They pilled after the first wash. 


I know all Etsy shops are not created equal, but in general, sheets from Etsy from European extraction tend to be thicker and coarser. Linen pretty much always softens up over time and washes, and as far as I can tell, these guys have been the most sturdy. Time will tell. 

Washing the Sheets

Linen Wash

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Years ago we had an ecomm client that was all about luxury linen care. Not just linen linen, but all linens and towels. They used to give us products and I fell in love with Linen Wash. The scent that just does it for me is “original.” Really does an amazing job cleaning, as long as you don’t use too much, you end up with very soft, fresh linens. It works great in cold water too.

Yes, it’s expensive. No, there’s nothing cheaper that’s as good.

COLD Water

You wanna wash linen in cold water. The sheets will last longer (warmer water can weaken the fibers) and you won’t deal with shrinkage. It may seem like they can’t really be clean washed in cold water, but I’ll never forget Bill Nye the Science Guy letting 10 year old me know that “soap makes water wetter” – trust me, they’re clean. And with Original Linen Wash they’ll smell clean and isn’t that all that really matters? 

Fast, Gentle Cycle

Don’t waste your linen’s flavor by overdoing it in the machine. Even though linen is pretty tough, it can get snagged and worn out if you’re not careful. Wash only with other linen, don’t overcrowd, and keep it quick and delicate. 

Regular Rotation

I’m currently rotating 3 sets of sheets. The fitted sheet needs more relief than the duvet cover, so I rotate fitted sheets every week and duvet cover every few weeks. You might think I’m gross, but I’m just letting you know the truth. And giving you license to delay the nightmare that is unbuttoning and buttoning and ironing and all the junk that goes along with washing a linen duvet cover. There are so many flaps and straps. 

Side Note – Once you’ve finally broken down and decided to wash your linen duvet cover, button it before you do and wash and dry it by itself. Then take it out of the dryer right away. 

Saving Money

I’m sure there are plenty of other people who are gaming the system more effectively than I am, but here are my top tricks. None of them are amazing, but they stack!

Shop holidays

Linens are holiday items. All the major household holidays are great for buying linen – Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc. Usually they’re good for 10-20% off. 

Check your credit card perks

Brooklinen, Parachute, and many others do deal with credit card companies – usually in the neighborhood of 5-10% cash back. 

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Use Rakuten

Rakuten, or other sites like it might offer as much as 20% off. I’ve usually gotten 2-3% off with Rakuten on Parachute in particular. 

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A lot of these DTC brands do not do a ton of couponing. Sign up for email and you’ll probably get 10-15% off, but it’ll be a one time gig. If you go with places like The Company store (don’t) or Land’s End, you’ll have better luck finding coupon codes.