Consistent Sleep: My Secret Weapon in Weight Loss

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The significance of sleep to our well-being is a widely acknowledged fact. Yet, its direct influence on weight loss isn’t discussed as much. My personal journey stands testament to this profound connection.

Whenever I aim to trim down my body fat percentage, I’ve always relied on the ketogenic diet. Its efficacy is quick, and I always feel invigorated when on it. However, this diet demands a rigorous commitment, which for me means strict measurements down to a tenth of a gram and adherence to a precise caloric range.

The Challenges of Irregular Hours

A hiccup arrived about ten days into my recent weight loss journey. A new job contract demanded erratic work hours and no days off for 2 months straight (BTW I’m still working this contract). I was clocking in at odd intervals like 5am-6pm followed by 2am-12pm or 6pm-3am and then 9am-6pm. Sleep became a luxury. And even though I stuck to my strict keto regimen, my weight decline was sluggish. Normally, I’d hit a plateau around week 8, but this time, it was way too early.

However, the moment my work hours stabilized to a consistent 9am-6pm, my weight began dropping almost instantly. Sure, there was a minor bump of a 2lb gain initially, but it swiftly reversed, allowing me to surpass my weight loss goal of 1.5lbs a week.


The Takeaway

If you’re on a diet and not seeing the desired results, it might be worth scrutinizing your sleep patterns and quality. For me, documenting has been instrumental. A daily log of my weight over the last eight years, annotated with significant events like diet changes, cheat meals, or work shifts, has given me tangible data to analyze trends.

Consider keeping a journal of your vital statistics. It can provide invaluable insights to identify challenges and thereby optimize your life.