Come On and Clap for EZ Sleep!

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You’re in bed watching TV and you manage to find your perfect comfort position. That happy place where you can still see the picture, you have one ear free for audio, your blankets are hugging you in that just right way, and your mattress feels like an old familiar friend. You’ll soon encounter that wonderful set of circumstances where your TV show transitions to dreamland and you’re merrily sailing away. 

All well and good until you wake up to one of those low budget infomercials. You know the kind. The ones where has-been, b-list actors are busy hawking reverse mortgages, or pushing introductory offers on male enhancement supplements. But you don’t want to hear it, you just want it off so that you can get back to sleep. And you want it off before it messes up any chance for your quick return to dreamland.

Enter the Clapper

Brought to you by the Chia Pet people and even equipped with StarWars branding.

No need to grope around the nightstand for your remote! No risk of accidentally knocking it to the floor. Don’t worry about leaning over the bedside, one hand desperately searching for that dropped device, the other bracing the floor against a fall. Instead of the groggy mayhem, a return to blissful sleep can be yours with only a quick clap or two.

What could be better or more convenient than that? Think of it as an “oldie but goodie” that’s always ready to do your bedtime bidding. Available wherever fine sleep-aid products are sold and conveniently located at Amazon.

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