Say Goodbye to Sleep Temperature Issues. And Possibly Also to Your Relationships.

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Two Christmases ago, I found the ultimate solution to a problem that had become a nightly occurrence: my wife’s hatred for cold bed sheets. I had some very simple “natural” ideas that she quickly vetoed. The concept of a hairdryer rigged under the covers was also quickly dismissed due to safety concerns, leading me to a more tech-savvy approach.

Turning to Google, I embarked on a quest through the world of bed warming solutions. From heating blankets to electric mattresses, I sifted through them all until I came across a standout product – the BedJet.

Climate Control for Your Bed

The BedJet is essentially a climate control system for your bed. Its flexible hose attaches to the bottom of the bed and gently circulates either warm or cool air under the sheets. You have complete control with a user-friendly remote or a phone app. It’s surprisingly quiet, and the main unit fits easily under your bed.

The BedJet boasts a variety of heat settings. The ‘turbo’ mode is a quick fix for cold nights, warming the sheets in seconds, though I must admit it can get rather toasty on your toes. Its cooling feature, while not as strong as the heating, has been a welcome relief during hot summer nights. When I was in bed with the flu and having chills and sweats, I used the bed jet to dry myself (and the sweaty sheets) off. It has tons of customizable features. You can set a timer for it to turn off or on, making it perfect for those who don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night either too hot or too cold.

Maintaining Your Significance

There is, however, one huge issue I have with the BedJet. My wife, who used to rely on me for warmth, now turns to the BedJet for her heating needs. I’m going to keep my eye on the old Bedjet and if I see it texting her it’s gone.

Good Investment? I Think So. 

Reflecting on the past two years with the BedJet, I can confidently say it’s been a sound investment. Its reliability and robust build quality have stood the test of time. For those considering the BedJet, I assure you, it’s more than just a gadget; it’s a significant enhancement to your sleep quality and comfort.

Buy one today (but in the immortal words of Antoine Dodson, “Hide Yo Wife”), it’s on sale for the holidays. Or you do us a solid and buy from Amazon for a much higher price